Kyoyadoya MurasakinoshionAn

calledShion-Anfor short


An old traditional Japanese house built at the foot of Funaokayama hill in Kyoto City.


You can rent this Kyoto-style house and make yourself at home.


Please experience the freedom of Kyoto-life in this house as if it were your own.




2people (No meals included) 22,000yen


Price may vary according to the season, punctual events and weekends


Over2people, an additional charge of 3000yen per person applies.


The maximum capacity is 10 people.


For example: (For 6 people) 22000yen3000yen×434000 yen


   Check-in: 4p.m


   Check-out: 11a.m


   No meals included


Please prepare your own meals.

There are many grocery stores around Shion-An.

There are also some caterer’s shops for Japanese food.


Please call the caterer’s in advance:


Uosute (International phone) +81-75-462-1879 (within Kyoto) 075-462-1879

Uoyasu                       +81-75-414-1515

Ooeyama                    +81-75-441-7913




Shion-An is in a calm residential area. Please be quiet.

To keep Shion-An clean, a No Smoking rule applies throughout the house.




Kyoyadoya Murasakino Shion-An

Kyomachiyayado +81-75-762-1517




73 Minamifunaokacho,Murasakino,Kitaku,

Kyoto-City, Kyoto 603-8227, Japan




By bus

(About 30 minutes from Kyoto Station)

Take Kyoto City bus number 206 from Kyoto Station (via Senbondori) to Senbonkuramaguchi bus stop (Shion-An is about 5 minutes walk from here).


By subway

Take the Karasuma line from Kyoto Station to Kuramaguchi Station (about 12 minutes). Shion-An is about 20 minutes from here on foot.


Take the Karasuma line from Kyoto Station to Kitaoji Station (about 14 minutes) and then take a bus (Number 101,102, 204, 205 or 206) to Kenkunjinja bus stop. Shion-An is about 5 minutes walk from here.


One free parking space and 4 free bicycles are available for guests.

You can easily visit Kinkakuji temple, Daitokuji temple and Kamigamo shrine from Shion-An.

Please enjoy yourself.